Theme Park Warrior

Main Street Electrical Parade

Location:Orlando, FL, United States
Theme Park:Magic Kingdom-Walt Disney World
Year Built:2010
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Show Location:Main Street USA
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Returning to the Walt Disney World Resort, Main Street Electrical Parade made its debut June of 2010, and has become a favorite parade with guests. The all new parade is more dazzling than ever before. With a shimmering galaxy of 23 illuminated floats enhanced with more than half a million LED lighting technology, 80 performers, and synthesizer music based on “Baroque Hoedown,” intertwined with Disney theme songs., this parade lights up Main Street, U.S.A. as it makes its way through Magic Kingdom Park.

Leading this magical parade is the fun-loving but ever so feisty, Tinker Bell waving her wand, and spreading pixie dust and good cheer. Aboard her all new enhanced float, as she has been elevated above an enchanting garden that will leaves guests green with envy, creating a colorful reflection of shimmering fairy lights. Guests will see all new floats making their dazzling debut in this spectacular parade. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs are “off to work,” toiling in a mine, where they may make some sparkling discoveries. Pinocchio and the Pleasure Island boys have not learned their lesson when it comes to getting into mischief and horsing around!

The spectacular parade will leave guests with a lasting impression which makes this parade a must see for anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.