Theme Park Warrior

Space Mountain

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Magic Kingdom-Walt Disney World Orlando
Year Built:1975
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Attraction Location:Tomorrowland
Height Requirements:44 inches
Line Priority:Fastpass
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Entering Space Mountain, you are immediately taken into outer space with windows that look out into the bleak dark universe, providing a sensation of walking through space and the anticipation of a spine-tingling adventure of a dark ride through space. If you find yourself in the stand by line there are simulated games to help battle the forces that one would encounter while in outer space.

As you board your six-passenger spaceship train that will rocket 180 feet into outer space, but not before you pass through the Mission Control of the space station. Once you have reached the top of the space station you are now blasting off into outer space as you feel the wind race across. Your space ship begins its rapid descent along an intricate and dark track through the blackness of the universe. The stage is set for an adventure as close to a cosmic voyage that is illuminated only by shooting stars, celestial satellites, spinning black holes and shimmering constellations during a rip-roaring rocket ride through the farthest reaches of time and space.

Height Restrictions: 44 inches