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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Location:Orlando, FL, United States
Theme Park:Magic Kingdom-Walt Disney World
Year Built:
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Calling all Sorcerers to the Main Street Firehouse! Merlin needs your help, because the villains are out to take over the Magic Kingdom. The Main Street Firehouse is Merlin’s special hideout, where he will teach sorcerers how to defeat the villains that are trying to take over the Magic Kingdom with magical portals. Each sorcerer is given a special key to activate these portals and use the spell card.

Your job is to fend off Hades, as he has become bored with the nothingness of the Underworld, and is looking for a new summer home within the Magic Kingdom Park. That’s where you come in to help Merlin stand in Hades way.

Hades is sending Pain and Panic to Merlin’s home to steal the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom (a powerful artifact that keeps evil forces in check at the park), but they end up awakening Merlin in the process. In a brief scuffle, the crystal is shattered into several pieces, four of which are scattered to different locations throughout the park. Annoyed, Hades decides to call upon a team of villains to help retrieve the crystal shards for him.

Main Street USA villains are: Cruella de Vil

Adventureland villains are: Yzma, Jafar and Scar.

Fantasyland villains are: Ursula and Maleficent

Frontierland/Liberty Square villains are: Ratcliffe and Dr. Facilier

A second recruitment center for the game can be found in this area, behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.


Once all the villains are defeated, Merlin decides that it’s time to reassemble the crystal and foil Hades’ plans once and for all. Wait, because Merlin has discovered that Hades has managed to create his own series of portals around the park for his army of villains to enter through. Your last battle will be as you fight Hades number one guy Chernabog, can you defeat Hades Number One Guy?