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Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Disney's Animal Kingdom
Year Built:1998
Indoor or Outdoor
Attraction Location:Africa
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:Fastpass
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Jambo, kuja katika Harambe kijiji. This translate to “Hello and come in to the Harambe Village” in Swahili. Harambe is the African village found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom where you can also find the 100-acre Harambe Wildlife Preserve. Guests are able to tour the Preserve through the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition tour. Your tour begins as you walk through the offices of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. As you follow the lines around guests learn about the animals they will see, and how poaching if affecting the very existence of these animals.

Once guest reach the loading area, they will board a 32-passenger safari truck that whisk you off to begin your African safari adventure. While you are on the 100-acre savannah, your tour guide will point out about 34 different species of birds and animals that can be found throughout the game preserve. Each row of the safari truck has labeled pictures of each of the inhabitants that can be found on the preserve for guests to identify on their own as well.

If you have ever dreamed about touring the African Savannah, this is an amazing opportunity to see herds of free-roaming animals in their “natural habitat”. Don’t be stunned when some of the safari animals come right up to the truck. Don’t get to scared when the lions appear to be a stone’s throw away, there is actually a deep “pit-like” area camouflaged by the abundant landscaping that separates man from beast.

Now Disney has just completed the final exhibit on the Safari ride. In October of 2012 Disney has re-introduced a heard of 15 zebras to the safari ride. This exciting exhibit will allow guest to see the herd in way in which no one else has been able to do except when they are in the wild in the Savannah of Africa. These beautiful curious animals are a welcomed addition to the Kilimanjaro Safari.

Your journey will take you through small creeks, over steep muddy trails and old rickety bridges. It has many large bumps and jolts so those with back or neck problems and expectant mothers should not ride this.

If you are ready to immerse yourself into the serenity of the African Savannah this will be a must do expedition for any adventure no matter what their age.