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Festival of the Lion King

Location:Orlando, Florida, Unites States
Theme Park:Disney's Animal Kingdom
Year Built:1998
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Show Location:Camp Minnie Mickey
Time(s):Several Shows Daily
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Disney has brought a little bit of Broadway to Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the Festival of the Lion King. This 30-minute show is a must see live show on Walt Disney World property, and is found in Camp Minnie Mickey. Festival of the Lion King is performed in an air-conditioned theater that has bleacher stadium seating in the round.

This awe-inspiring high-energy musical show blends those familiar Lion King characters and music with Cirque du Soleil-inspired stunts, and also requires audience participation. There are 4 sections to the theater and each section is assigned an animal, giraffe, warthog, lion, or elephant. Get ready to make the sounds of the animal in your section, as they will need your help during the show.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy those all so familiar characters of the Lion King, as they make you laugh, hold your breath, sing and dance. Remember, Hakuna matata, it means no worries, when you are nervous about the part you will play in the show, the cast will make sure you know when to play your part.

This popular show is a must see, can’t miss, need to experience show that will leave you inspired and out of breath!