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Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Epcot
Year Built:1982
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Attraction Location:Future World
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:None
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Figment of you imagination…Hmmm… lets see where just one spark can ignite your imagination…

Take a journey with everyone’s favorite feisty dragon Figment in Journey Into Imagination With Figment. Located in Future World in Epcot, this attraction is fun for big kids and little kids alike!

Dr. Nigel Channing has invited all guests to attend his open house to his very prestigious Imagination Institute. Where he sets out to prove how the 5 senses (sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste) capture and control one’s imagination. Except our mischievous friend Figment has different Imagination Journey in store for the guest. Figment wants to prove that our imagination works best when set free. As usual, Figment is full of mischief and music, as he takes over Dr. Channing’s sound experiment, screws around with the sight chart and causes quite a stink in the Smell Lab. Finally Dr. Channing wants to end the tour, but Figment has a whole other plan as he leads you to his whimsical upside-down house where, from this topsy-turvy perspective, he proves that imagination works best when set free.


After your Imagination has been set free by Figment, take your imagination and really let it loose at the ImageWorks. Conduct an orchestra, experiment with lights and video, make dragons sing, check out the live show Digital Imaging which features the world’s largest digital camera, and explore the interactive stations at “the creative playground of the future.”

Beware because you may just leave with an imagination that has been set free!