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Jedi Training Academy

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Hollywood Studios
Year Built:
Indoor or Outdoor
Show Location:Stage beside Star Tours
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One of the most popular shows on Disney property is the Jedi Training Academy. This 30-minute show takes place daily on the stage located in front of the Star Tours Attraction in Hollywood Studios.

Each show signs up 15 children ages 4 to 12, to train with The Jedi Master and his assistants. Where they will work with the children to teach them light saber training exercise, and provide the children robes and plastic light sabers. Those who successfully complete the training are proclaimed to be Padawans, and receive a certificate.

Due to the popularity and nature of the show, parents must sign up their children to participate. To make sure your child gets a spot, guest will want to arrive early to Hollywood Studios with all children who want to participate in the show, and head to ABC Sound Studio where sign ups occur. Shows due tend to fill up by 10 or 10:30 in the morning depending in park attendance.

Make sure to bring your children with you to sign them up for the shows. As part of the sign-up process the cast members need to ask your children a couple of questions to make sure they will follow instructions and be safe on stage.

Guests should plan on committing an Hour for their children to participate in the show. When you sign up for a particular show you will be asked to return to the sign-up location 30 minutes prior to the show time.