Theme Park Warrior

Kali River Rapids

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Animal Kingdom
Year Built:1999
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Attraction Location:Asia
Height Requirements:42 inches
Line Priority:Fastpass
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Located in Animal Kingdom theme park, Guest will enter Kali River Rapids wandering through a long and winding path that is filled with knee-high prayer shrines that are replicas from Nepal. The lush landscaping and overgrown trees cover crumbling worship statues and rock-lined ruins immerse guests into the rainforest.

Guest will be awed by the amount of detail Asian atmosphere the Disney Imaginers took in creating the temple. As they enter through the temple doors, take note of the sandals lined up outside of the place of worship, as is the custom. As you wander through the painted shrine, guests will stumble upon 15-foot tall feline statues and discover a meticulously carved, animal wall painting that serves as a room divider. Make sure you look up, to see the exceptionally detailed hand-painted murals on the ceiling, each of which tells a legend of Bangkok.

As guests make their way to the Chakranadi River, they will pass through a boathouse where television monitors present a slide show of the Himalayas that tells of the damage and danger that is occurring with the illegal logging and the loss of animal habitats, prior to boarding their 12-passenger raft. The conservation theme that is presented through out the park is the inspiration for this adventurous river raft ride.

A circular, slowly rotating boat dock leads you to the waiting rafts. Each raft has a space in the center with a plastic cover to protect anything that you don’t want to get wet, and you will get soaked on this ride!

Your adventure packed ride begins with a 90-foot ascent past picturesque, lush jungle and jasmine-scented mists. Hold tight, because this tranquility doesn’t last very long as you drop into gushing geysers and drift under refreshing waterfalls. Just around the bend the lush, vivid greenery of the rainforest has been reduced to blackened stumps as you dart past a logging truck perched unsteadily over the bank. Your peaceful journey has just been transformed into a wild dangerous journey with drops that will leave you stunned and breathless.

There is a 42 inch height requirement for Kali River Rapids, but this river raft ride will give big kids, teens and adults wanting to go back for more!