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Enchanted Tales with Belle

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Magic Kingdom
Year Built:
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Attraction Location:New Fantasyland
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:Fastpass
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This is no ordinary attraction; Enchanted Tales with Belle is a magical walk through of one of the most beautiful love stories in Disney between Belle and Beast.

Guests will enter Maurice’s cottage, where they’ll be captivated by Belle’s childhood home and memoirs. Guests will see bits and pieces from Belle’s childhood, from height marks on the wall for every year as she got older, a portrait of Belle reading a book with her mother, to even stacks of books and invention plans on every available surface. There is so much detail in the home that guests will need to visit more than once to be able to see it all.

As guests are then escorted through the living room and into Maurice’s workshop, they will find his inventions lining the shelves around the room. There is music box that plays a simple selection from the film Beauty and the Beast. In fact, the whole room is so ornate and detailed it truly feels like “crazy old Maurice’s” workshop. There is on particular object that is in the room that most guests will be so mesmerized by they will miss all this detail, and that is a beautiful Gold-framed mirror. Guest soon find out that the mirror was given to Maurice by Beast, and as you can imagine this no ordinary mirror. This mirror is an enchanted mirror, so Maurice can check in on Belle anytime he wants, and by check in I mean literally. With a breath-taking moment the enchanted mirror becomes a door, and you find yourself walking through and inside the castle walls.

As Madame Wardrobe welcomes you, she will ask if you would like to participate in a surprise. Just a helpful note if I were you, I would definitely say “YES”, especially if you have little ones that would like to have a meet in greet with Belle, as Disney as redefined what it means to interact with characters.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is truly magical and will definitely leave guests leaving saying how magical Disney really is. Disney has been able to bring an enchanted tale of Love to life and this is one attraction that is well worth your time in line.