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If I Ran The Zoo

Location:Orlando , Florida, United States
Theme Park:Islands of Adventure
Year Built:1999
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Attraction Location:Suess Landing
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:None
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Gerald McGrew’s If I Ran The Zoo recounts the story of Gerald McGrew and his mission to create a totally different zoo with strange and unusual animals that can only be found in the remote and exotic places around the world.

This interactive play area has 19 different interactive elements. This zany zoo has three different sections to visit, The Hedges, the Water Island and the New Zoo.  Don’t miss the “Zoo Keeper’s Code of Conduct” at the entrance: “Keep track of adults, they get lost all the time.”

Strange Seussian animals will pop up over “Hedges” when you tickle their feet or turn a handle. Turn a crank or spin a wheel, or step on some pedals and be amazed with the bizarre creatures that appear from behind. Crawl through a cave in Kartoom, there is an elusive beast to catch called the Natch, or slide down the tunnels of Zomba-ma-tant. Kids will want to spend a good deal of time on the  “Island” that is literally surrounded by a wading pool, and has shooting water fountains and a cage made of water. it is surrounded by a wading pool. And finally, in the “New Zoo” area, can ride a multi-humped cow, or play a game on the belly of Tic-Tac Joe. There is one zany animal you will want to beware of the Scraggle Foot Mulligatawny, becaues you will likely getting sneezed on. Even more fun can happen when kids see what happens when they use mini water cannons to disturb a zoo resident during his bubble bath. The last big hit is the reproduction of McGrew’s Skeegle-mobile.

If kids are part of your group then If I Ran The Zoo is exactly what the Dr ordered. That is Dr. Suess, with is overactive imagination this is one attraction that will bring SO MUCH family FUN!