Theme Park Warrior

Jurassic Park River Adventure

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Islands of Adventure
Year Built:1999
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Attraction Location:Jurassic Park
Height Requirements:42 Inches
Line Priority:Universal Express Pass
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The ever flowing river takes you back in time….. before man….. this river flows through a new born world that is filled with Giants walking the earth…… Welcome to Jurassic Park

This is a flume ride based on the popular film Jurassic Park. The ride begins with a beautiful tranquil lush paradise inhabited by some breath taking gentle giants. However, something goes very wrong when one of the playful Hadrosaurs knocks your boat off course, and your boat is taken into dangerous area that has been over taken by the carnivore eating giants, like velociraptor’s and a T-Rex. The best is yet to come through the dark warehouse full of dangers there is only one way out, and it includes an 85-foot. Many guests consider this plunge the best of any flume ride.

This ride will have long lines, especially on those hot summer days of Florida!!! If you want to REALLY get wet, and you don’t want to ride the ride, then stand alongside the Terrace Falls restaurant. As the boats come down the final plunge, they throw water to both sides, soaking this area.

Height Requirement 42 inches