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Seaworld to go Public

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Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Seaworld… well Shamu may soon be making a splash in the stock market as Seaworld has announced plans to take the company public. Seaworld is famous for their water shows featuring killer whales, dolphins and other animals at SeaWorld. SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. has filed for an initial public offering of stock aimed at raising $100 million. This number is likely to change as the company’s bankers gauge interest from investors. From its origins as a Busch Gardens Animal Park at Anheuser-Busch’s Tampa Budweiser brewery the company has grown in parks and animal habitats since its inception. The company not only houses animals, but also rescue countless injured animals in the wild to rehabilitate them and get them back to their natural habitat. Aside from the three SeaWorld parks, the company also owns two Busch Gardens parks and Sesame Place Theme Park.

However, the company warns that it is a leisure and entertainment business, and is dependent on customers’ willingness to spend their money on leisure and entertainment. However, it should be said that SeaWorld’s revenue has risen in the three years that it has been owned by Blackstone Group LP, a private firm. The company has looked for ways to stay competitive in the current market, branching out this year with a Saturday morning television show, “Sea Rescue,” on the ABC network to attract young viewers.

Blackstone is expected to sell some of its stock in the IPO but hold a majority stake, SeaWorld said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SeaWorld plans to use money raised in the IPO to pay down debt and make a payment to the New York-based firm.