Theme Park Warrior

Journey to Atlantis

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Seaworld
Year Built:1998
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Attraction Location:Seaworld
Height Requirements:42 Inches
Line Priority:Quick Que
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Water ride enthusiasts are in for a thrill as this mythical paradise reveals it much darker side. This exciting ride is part flume ride part roller coaster.

Riders will enter through the ancient golden city, before they debark on their Journey. As they travel through the queue line riders enter a Greece island called Thera, a small Greek fishing village where they learn, through media reports, that Atlantis has mysteriously emerged from the depths of the sea. As guest climb aboard an eight-passenger boat, riders glide out from the station as they are introduced to Hermes, a fiber optic seahorse that will be the guide through the dark depths of Atlantis. Hermes leads rider through fog-enshrouded passages, drifting by intricate themed scenes and effects left and right. The first hill takes the rides up nearly six stories and out of the temple, a right-hand turnaround bringing passengers to the second half of the split-lift hill after some wet surprises. As the boat goes up, leveling and then re-enters the building, a left turn back inside the building finally leads riders to the first plunge, and the boat falls six stories before leveling and splashing down in a pool of water below. Before you know it you are making a 180 turn to a small lift attaching it to the steel rails. Passengers are taken up into the temple once more by the fourth lift, and the track curves through the darkness again. Finally, a small final lift prepares Journey to Atlantis for the final drop, and then it comes… The track curves down to the lift, taking its riders 30 feet below water level, then back up with a right-hand ascent and a splash back down in the water for a finale at the back of the Atlantis building.

 Height Restrictions 42 inches