Theme Park Warrior

Men In Black Alien Attack

Location:Orlando, FL, United States
Theme Park:Universal Studios
Year Built:2000
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Attraction Location:Universal Studios
Height Requirements:42 inches
Line Priority:Universal Express Pass
Average Rating from TPW Users

Here come the Men in Black

The galaxy defenders

Right on, right on

Here come the Men in Black

They won’t let you remember

Let the fun begin as guests travel back in time to 1964 where they will brave the new world’s fair pavilion. “The Universe and You” Expo exhibit is a glitz 60’s era room, as guests enter the exhibit a retro theme song plays in the background.

Are you really in an exhibit? Listening to a recorded voice give a presentation about the search for life in the cosmos, makes you think this is a cheesy walk through attraction. Watch out as the presentation comes to a halt as Agent Zed instructs you “The Scrubs” to enter a secret elevator. Once inside the elevator, Zed apologizes for the “phony theme park nonsense.” It’s just a pretense to protect the identity of the shadowy MIB headquarters. Adrenaline running ramp it as guest begin to wonder what is around the corner?

Stepping off the elevator recruits are immediately immersed into Intergalactic Alien Immigration Services where the real action comes to life. Walking through IAIS guest will notice many startlingly life like surprises around each corner, so keep pay attention. As guests enter Immigration Control, there are video announcements of narrowly averted impending doom. Hey it’s all in a day’s work for the MIB, and “The Scrubs” are now getting ready for their crash training instructions, or are they?

Once aboard the vehicles, recruits enter the training simulation. Except it’s not long when an emergency comes across the announcements and Agent Zed breathlessly announces that an alien transport ship has crashed in Manhattan, and it’s up to you the trainees to defend the earth from the escaped insect prisoners, literally aliens as insects…. Roaches check in…… But they don’t check out. Bugs are everywhere including with those you stood in line with as you see them as them true selves…. Or maybe not…..

Hint for when you are shooting at the aliens or “Bugs” hit their foreheads and chests…. In the midst of all the elaborate animatronics, richly decorated sets, and sly visual puns, keep an eye out for the alien bug with Steven Spielberg’s head.`

Be ready for the finally as you enter, literally, he belly of the beast. As you try to blast you way out this will be the time to use that blinking red button on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Depending on each vehicle’s collective score, the ride offers multiple endings before Will Smith “neutralizes” you.