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New Technology Revealed for Walt Disney World

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A Walt Disney World has revealed all new technology innovation called MyMagic+.

This all-new technology is an “umbrella” under which a variety of technologies unite to assist guests at the Walt Disney World Resort plan vacations. This will include reserving FastPass times for attractions, booking dining reservations and paying for things such as theme park entry, items at shops and pre-ordered food. The goal of this new technology is to deliver a more immersive, more seamless and more personal experience to each and every guest who spends at the Walt Disney WOrdl Resort.

Although details have not yet been released on how all this new technology will be used they have released a launch date of April 2013. Many Walt Disney World hotel guests and those who have purchased photo packages have been and will continue to the experience of MyMagic+. Ultimately Walt Disney World would like to have this new technology available to all guests by the end of 2013.

What has already been added with this new technology that all guests can take part in…. well free Wi-Fi has been added throughout the theme parks, as well as the all new website and mobile app called My Disney Experience. If you don’t already have this app I highly recommend getting it. This is app gives you wait times, FastPass times, show times, there are interactive maps, and dining, just to name a few things. The website is also great in helping you plan you vacation with customized maps, hotel and dining reservations, ability to ask questions on the “Moms Panel” to get advice on how to best plan your trip, these are just a few of the features.

From what I have experienced as a guest at Walt Disney World the FastPass+ is ONLY available to guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. For all other guests the FastPass distribution centers will allow you to get a time to return to the attraction at no extra charge. Not to fear, because Walt Disney World has said this feature will be available to all vacationers through the new My Disney Experience section of the Walt Disney World website for advanced trip planning.

What is the buzz about with FastPass+…. well a new version of Disney’s award-winning system that allows guests to skip lines for rides and shows. The “plus” in FastPass+ adds the ability to reserve spots for parade and fireworks viewing for the first time – all in advance before stepping foot in the park. Guests can plan as little or as much as they’d like, even choosing specific ride times up to 60 days in advance, but leaving a window open to change plans on the fly after arriving.  For those needing a little help, Disney’s system can auto-magically offer a three “FastPicks” as suggestions on what to reserve.

Disney introduced this week another feature which is the all new MagicBand. A simple looking, reusable wristband will feature embedded technology with radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities enabling guests to simply tap these bands against…. what else….  glowing Mickey Mouse heads throughout theme parks and hotels to activate a variety of functions.

MagicBands will serve as hotel room keys, simply tapping them against the lock to open. At theme park entrances, guests will tap to gain admission, never having to wait in a turnstile again.  At retail and dining locations, guests may tap to pay if they’ve linked their MagicBands to a credit card. FastPass+ and Disney’s PhotoPass system will too be accessed via MagicBand.

What does all this mean to you. Well….. Walt Disney World is hoping it means guests will take some time before heading on their trip to plan it out and make your vacation FULL ON MAGICAL. This new technology by doing a little work ahead will save you lots of time while on vacation in the parks, so that you are enjoying your vacation. If you heading out to Walt Disney World anytime in the future go to the My Disney Experience website register and do a little or a lot of planning, ask questions, so that you have a Magical experience.