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SeaWorld Orlando’s all new Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Seaworld
Year Built:coming spring of 2013
Indoor or Outdoor
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Few specifics are being released about SeaWorld Orlando’s all new Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. What we do know is that the exhibit will open in spring of 2013 and will take the place of the existing penguin encounter. The new exhibit will offer a much more complete and modern experience in its place. Not only will SeaWorld be able to tell the stories of Antarctica, specifically the oh so cute penguins, right here in sunny Florida through the new ride, but this exhibit will offer sparkling terrain with shops and dining, and not to mention that this will be the largest penguin habitat ever constructed, and will feature hundreds of the birds. Seaworld wanted guest to feel as though they have literally stepped into Antartica, so there will icy peaks stretching as high as 55 feet in the air.

Although SeaWorld isn’t saying much about the new ride, they have released that guests will sit down and ride through what is being described as the world’s coldest theme park attraction. No word yet on just how cold it will be, but guests should get an authentic feeling of what it’s like to be in Antarctica. The ride will be thrilling, but also family-friendly, and will use state-of-the-art interactive ride technologies. We also know that the unique ride vehicles will be trackless and capable of providing motion simulator movements. As guests move through the attraction, they will encounter what will likely be filmed sequences, and the vehicles will be synchronized to move with the projected action.

As with everything in Seaworld the Antarctica ride will allow guests to disembark and walk among the penguin exhibits.