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Turtle Talk at Seaworld

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Seaworld
Year Built:2012
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
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Guests at Seaworld Orlando can now experience what it’s actually like to be a turtle. The all-new attraction Turtle Trek is a 360-degree 3-D movie, that teaches guests about the incredible journey sea turtles face throughout their lives. It is done all from the turtle’s point of view, so guests will go on an epic journey to see the challenges and hardships sea turtles face in order to survive and make it back to the beach where you were hatched.

The film is projected onto the ceiling and the entire circumference of the walls of a domed theater to provide guests with an immersive, you-are-there experience.

Of course it would not be Seaworld if the attraction didn’t include an all-new exhibit offering up-close viewings of these amazing animals. Not only will guests be able to see sea turtles there will a variety of salt water fish for viewing too. There is another surprise in this exhibit as Seaworld put the ever so cute and adorable manatees here as well. These huge mammals also known as sea cows are in a freshwater exhibit with other freshwater creatures. The best part of both these exhibits is that some of the turtles and manatees are animals rescued by SeaWorld.