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“OZ The Great and Powerful” Coming to Epcots Flower and Garden

Location:Orlando, Florida,
Theme Park:Epcot
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In case you haven’t heard Disney is releasing the movie “OZ The great and Powerful” the summer of 2013. What does this have to do with Epcots Flower and Garden festival, well they have added a themed garden based on this movie. If you haven’t seen the movie trailers here is a quick synopsis of the movie: When Oscar Diggs, a small-time magician, is hurled away from Kansas to the Land of Oz, he thinks fame and fortune are his for the taking, until he meets three witches who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. Drawn into the epic problems facing the inhabitants of Oz, Oscar must use his magical arts to save them and transform himself into the great and powerful wizard—and into a better man as well.

Walt Disney World announced that guests visiting the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival this spring will be able to visit this Land of Oz in the form of an original interactive play area that will be one of the festival’s newest offerings. Here, guests can follow in the footsteps of Oz The Great and Powerful by playing carnival games in a circus-themed area. Here red-and-white tents will offer all kinds of midway games, plus fun photo opportunities.

The next stop is the “Land of Oz Play Area”, where bubbles fill the air, and where you can find: play equipment adorned with giant flowers, The Great and Powerful Oz’s crashed hot-air balloon, and more! Guests can also wander through the “Oz Movie Garden,” which will feature lush, unusual plants inspired by the Land of Oz.

Another reason to be very excited for opening day of the Festival March 6, 2013. This Flower and Garden festival is building up to be one of the best MUST SEE festivals, make sure to find time to visit Epcot this Spring between March 6, 2013 and May 19, 2013