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Blue Horizons

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Seaworld
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Dolphin Stadium was originally built in 1971 and has been the venue of many exhibits and shows over the years. Now Seaworld has completely transformed Dolphin Stadium for their new show “Blue Horizons”. Seaworld completely redesigned the entire set with new; trusses, diving boards and bungee swing for the aerialists and divers; a new sound system; high-tech water features; and an additional 700 seats for guests.

This transformation has created a visually beautiful show called “Blue Horizons”. At the center of the show is Marina, a young girl whose vivid imagination sets the stage for an extravaganza of graceful dolphins, magnificent pilot whales and a rainbow of exotic birds.  Marina daydreams that one day she can fly in the sky and swim in the ocean.  After encountering Aurora; the spirit of the sky, and Delphis; the spirit of the sea, her dreams begin to come true, as together they explore a place where the sea meets the sky. This awe inspiring show features action both above and under the water, as a cast of divers and aerialists, dressed in eye-catching costumes symbolizing sea and sky, plunge off the elaborate set into, and also propel out of, the deep blue water.

Seaworld collaborated with the entertainments industry’s most inventive and artistic experts in order to create “Blue Horizons”. This collaboration allowed for bringing together production value that can be seen in the larger-than-life set, dramatic costuming and intriguing show development, with the awe-inspiring feats of SeaWorld animals and trainers to create this amazingly beautiful show.

Seaworld has created much more then a dolphin show. Guests will be sitting on the edge of their seats with excitement as they marvel at what animals will come out next. Not only does Blue Horizons feature dolphins and pilot whales as they leap their way into this dreamy adventure.  Seaworld has found a way to add in graceful African crowned cranes, coral bills, black vultures and other bird species as they soar over the audience and ascend toward the horizon