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Shamu Happy Harbor

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Seaworld
Year Built:
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Attraction Location:Shamu Happy Harbor
Height Requirements:Various
Line Priority:None
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The addition of the all new-midway rides has made Happy Harbor more than just a play area. It’s now grown into a full-fledged “area” within Sea World. Happy Harbor has enough to see and do to keep a family with young children busy for two to three hours or more. It’s a great place to allow children to blow off some extra energy even while mom and dad enjoy a cool beverage under the shade.

With Pirate Nets beaming up and down over four stories up this play area boasts the best collection of slides, climbing nets, and other young children’s play things as any Orlando park has to offer. Quite frankly this children’s play area is among the best at any of the Theme Parks in Orlando. It’s the shear size of this children’s play area that keeps Happy Harbor from ever feeling crowded. It’s just so big that it can absorb many, many, many children with plenty of room left over. On the ground level, the Sea World has taken all ages into consideration and have provided some play areas specifically designed for the youngest children on the ground, and this is strictly enforced.

Ocean Commotion is a very large boat located just across the walk from the huge climbing structure. A fants-“sea” themed enormous 19-foot tug boat that gently rocks back and forth and whirls side to side, and yes it even has some water cannon mounted in the bow. However, they lack enough punch to reach the pedestrians on the walkway around the boat. Instead, a few painted metal targets provide something to shoot at.

Swishy Fishies is an all-new teacup-like attraction just recently added to Happy Harbor. It’s a very low-capacity attraction and is really designed for the younger children.

Height Requirement 42 inches

Jazzy Jellies is a little more adventurous. It spins, like Swishy Fishies, but it also moves up about 30 feet into the air.

Height Requirement 42 inches

Flying Fiddler a giant bright red fiddler crab with illuminated eyes that move to more that 20 feet in the air.

Height requirement 42 inches

Sea Carousel Adding a classical element to Shamu’s Happy Harbor a marine-themed masterpiece topped by a behemoth 45-foot wide pink octopus

Height Restrictions 42 inches

But the biggest and best addition to Shamu’s Happy Harbor has got to be the new Shamu Express roller coaster. The ride is a pint size roller coaster for all those little kids just getting into the thrill rides. Each and every car in the train has its own “whale tail” sticking up into the air.

Height Requirement 38 inches