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Shrek 4-D

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Universal Studios
Year Built:2003
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Attraction Location:
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:Universal Express Pass
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Don’t worry if you think this is going to be a cheesy rendition of the Shrek movies, because Universal Studios brought the same voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murray, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow together to create this enormously funny and winning attraction.

As you walk into the pre-show set make sure you get your oh so famous OrgeVision goggles. This hilarious pre-show sets up the story. Let me just give this away, because most of the jokes are shots at Disney, so I hope that all guests can handle the shots taken at Disney’s expense. The imprisoned Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio along with The Magic Mirror explain how the ghost of Lord Farquaad, supposedly vanquished in the first Shrek film, is causing havoc from the great beyond. The loathsome lord himself appears onscreen and announces his intentions to steal Princess Fiona away during her honeymoon with Shrek, kill her, and make her his ghostly queen in the underworld. He informs us, the intruders, that we are now his prisoners. Farquaad instructs his henchmen to prepare the room, and explains that he will use torture devices to get us to reveal the Princess’ whereabouts.

Shown in a 4-D vision theater that is specially equipped to immerse viewers with an added dimension of sensory ticklers, of water spritzers, bursts of air, and other enhancements draw guests into the remarkable 3-D landscapes. Shrek 4-D takes it a step beyond with surprises of both horizontal and vertical proportions. The Shrek 4-D attraction is loud, wild and full of surprises, so go in warned that this is one ride you will leave either loving it or hating it, but worth the experience.