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E.T. Adventure

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Universal Studios
Year Built:
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Attraction Location:Universal Studios
Height Requirements:Children between 34"-48" must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion.
Line Priority:Universal Express Pass
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Quite on the set….. and Action….. As you enter the sound stage for one of the most popular movies ever made E.T. As you enter the sound stage there are many monitors with the filmmakers discussing their experience on creating the film. They also give out some interesting trivia about the movie as well.

Once you have made your way closer to the sound stage Steven Spielberg will appear on TV monitors. He informs guests that help is needed on and we get our interplanetary passport in order to help. As guests enter a second room they give their name to one of “Spielberg’s assistants” which is programmed into a card that is used later in the ride.

As you board your flying bicycle and sneak E.T through the woods; there is a slight familiarity to this scene only this is not a movie scene. You are in an actual chase to get E.T past the police and scientists searching for him. Then hold tight as you take off and fly over the city, past the moon and soar across the stars together. At the end of your journey awaits E.T.’s magical planet, filled with unforgettable creatures who greet you in song… with E.T. himself there to thank you personally.

Bring the whole family and experience an adventure that will touch your heart all over again.

*Children between 34″-48″ must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion.