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MagicBand: Combining creativity and technology

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Walt Disney was an innovator and was always quoted by saying we can’t “rest on our laurels”, so the Disney Company has always looked for ways to innovate and take the guest experience to the next level.

With that, over the years, admission to Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and attractions has evolved from ticket booklets to passports to park hoppers and eventually to “Magic Your Way” packages accessible via resort Guests’ Key to the World cards.

This year, Disney is taking innovation to not just a step forward, but a leap forward by combining creativity and technology. How is Disney doing this, by bringing the MagicBand to life, as the Guests will be able to take part of MyMagic+.

What is the MagicBand? Well it is a phenomenal innovation where Guests will be able to enter their rooms, the theme parks and water parks, access FastPass+ attractions and even choose to make payments with just a simple touch of a MagicBand.

MagicBands will help make the Guests’ vacation seem simpler, by eliminating the need to keep track of separate room keys, park tickets, FASTPASS tickets, PhotoPass cards and credit cards, because it is now in an all encompass MagicBand. The band also allows Cast Members to interact with Guests on a more personal level. It’s important to note that Guests will have the option to enter information via the website My Disney Experience. Guest can give as little or as much information as they would like, and Cast Members in certain roles will have access to information like, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. Cast Members will be able to provide a new level of service by having access to this information once a Guest uses their MagicBand at a touch point.

The power behind the MagicBand comes from radio frequency (RF) technology, which is commonly found in everyday items like credit cards, smartphones and video game controllers. It is also important to note that Disney values the Guests’ privacy and security. They hold it as a top priority with in the company. Remember that Disney takes the privacy of this information very seriously and note that NO PERSONAL information is stored on the band. The MagicBand simply contains a code that securely links to an encrypted database, associating the MagicBand with the benefits a Guest has purchased. This is very similar to how the Key to the World cards work today. I can’t express this enough extensive measures are in place to protect the privacy of ALL Disney Guests and the security of the personal information they choose to share with Disney. Additionally, if a Guest loses a MagicBand, it can be disabled via My Disney Experience or with the help of a Cast Member.

Now you are thinking I’m going to be wearing this band my entire vacation, how comfortable or better yet, durable are they? Well, the MagicBand has comfort ridges on the backside that allows for airflow between the band and skin. It’s also waterproof and can be worn in an ocean or pool and can also withstand extreme temperatures. Disney has put the bands through rigorous tests to ensure their durability.

Not only is it comfortable, but it is also adjustable to fit just about everyone. It can be worn as it comes, or for smaller wrists, the outer gray section of the band can be peeled away. Additionally, Guests will have the ability to personalize their band via My Disney Experience, choosing from one of seven colors and entering the name that will appear on the backside of the band. In the future, Guests will be able to further customize their MagicBands with different accessories.

The MagicBand is an important part of MyMagic+ and will change the way the Guests experience all that Disney has to offer. It will link their virtual and physical experiences and take the Walt Disney World resort experience to the next level.

MyMagic+ is currently in the test and adjust phase. Communication will be shared over the coming weeks about different components of MyMagic+ that, when combined with our Cast demonstrating The Four Keys Basics, will take the Walt Disney World Guest experience to a whole new level.