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Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has opened the Tangled Themed Rest Area

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Magic Kingdom
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Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
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Magic Kingdom at Disney World has now opened the Tangled themed area. The former home of the Fantasyland Skyway building will now feature the famous “Tangled” tower. The tower sits high atop a rocky waterfall, with those waters flowing down to an area full of whimsical color and beauty. The new area also features plenty of details for fans of the film “Tangled” to hunt for, including hidden Pascals throughout.

Unlike the opening of new expansion of Disney’s World Fantasyland , the new Tangled themed area does not feature any shows, meet and greets, or even any attractions. Instead this area will offer theme park guests a chance to use the bathroom, simply rest and relax amidst a highly themed environment, and charge their electronics. Yes, you heard right, for the first time, Walt Disney World will be providing guests with power outlets to charge their electronics at no extra charge, this are will be called a “D-Zone”. There are currently 6 charging stations, each with two electrical outlets. Disney plans to add USB outlets in the future.

As Disney is rolling out there all new technology, which is adding an increasing effort for guests to use the new “My Disney Experience” app and website, to navigate through the parks, it is becoming necessary to allow guests to charge their electronics throughout the day.

Rumor has it the reason for the addition of this elaborate area, so close the bathrooms by Flight of Peter Pan, is that the bathrooms by Flight of Peter Pan will be replaced by an interactive queue for the ride. I am sure more details will be revealed at a later date.

It should be noted that Disney has no plans for Rapunzel and Flynn Rider to have meet and greets in the new “Tangled” themed area at this time. However, it’s not impossible to think they might pop in from time to time the future. For now, Disney intends for the new area to simply be offered as a rare area in the Magic Kingdom for guests to get off their feet for a while and relax, charge their electronics, while immersed in highly detailed surroundings.