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A’Lure the Call of the Ocean

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:SeaWorld
Year Built:
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor
Show Location:SeaWorld
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A’Lure the Call of the Ocean is a beautiful show full of aerial acrobatics with colorful costumes, amazing lighting features, and electronic visuals. The story starts when a fisherman hear the sirens’ song, those legendary, mesmerizing calls that have cast spells on fisherman and lured them into the sirens’ underwater lairs for centuries.

It’s a fisherman’s story that comes to life that has put those amazing Cirque Du Soleil flying athletics, gravity-defying aerial tumblers and amazing acrobatics.

The theater is completely indoor and a great way to get in and sit down to take a break from the Florida weather. Plus, the show is just simply breath taking, a must see for everyone of all ages.