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Fievel’s Playland

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Universal Studios
Year Built:
Indoor or OutdoorOutdoor
Attraction Location:Kid Zone Universal Studios
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:None
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From the movies American Tail and Fievel Goes West, Fievels Playland offers guest a mouse-sized view of the world. Found in Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone of Universal Studios. This interactive play park offers a unique themed playground where guests turn to mouse size upon entry can see what it is like to be as small as a mouse.

Kids can run, jump, climb and bounce through this outdoor playground filled with oversized props from the films An American Tail and Fievel Goes West.

Discover giant fun in the form of a 1,000-gallon cowboy hat, a amazing 30-foot spider web to climb, a tin can maze to crawl through, swaying bridges to cross, a giant cowboy boot to explore, and a twisting, turning 200-foot long water slide.