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Jungle Cruise

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Magic Kingdom
Year Built:
Indoor or Outdoor
Attraction Location:Adventureland
Height Requirements:None
Line Priority:Fastpass
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Welcome to the Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom in Adventureland. Jungle Navigation Company is ready to take you on a 10 minute tour over four continents using three rivers Amazon, Congo, Nile and Mekong.

As guest board their boat with their trusted guide at the helm, make sure to look at the name of boat, you will notice right away you are in store for a laughing good time. While each of the guides all follow the same “shtick”, the guides are what make this attraction so much fun, especially if they throw in a few ad-libs. Even when you’ve heard the same corny joke a thousand times before, you can’t help but laugh.

You’ll pass by humongo butterflies, go through hippo infested waters, but don’t worry, they’ll only attack if their ears are wiggling, but wait I think their ears were always wiggling. On the shore there’s a rhino keeping the hunters “busy,” lions lounging on a rock outcropping, headhunters, zebras, and snakes all amidst a tropical landscape that any jungle would be proud of.

If you manage to stay dry by the waterfall, watch out for the elephants. Will they douse you or are you safe? You’ll only find out the secret once you’ve completed the Jungle Cruise.

Take a close look at the airplane that’s in one of the scenes. If you’re wondering where the other half went, The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios holds that answer.

Eventually, you’ll pass through a darkened Cambodian temple where tigers are watching over ancient treasures. Once you emerge from this tunnel, you head back to civilization where you stop by WDW’s head-salesman, Chief Namee before returning to the docks. Be careful for what Chief Namee wants to buy/sell maybe nothing you want to give up.